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Trinity Vista Dermatology, located in Fort Worth, Texas, is pleased to offer a full array of treatment for acne scars.  Depending on the scar type, the treatment can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

For tiny divots, surgical “punch” removal or application of tiny amounts of strong acids (the so-called “TCA-cross”) can be effective.

Rolling scars are ideal for treatment with Bellafill®, a novel and longer-lasting filler containing bovine collagen and polymethylmethacrylate beads.  The scars show immediate results with the bovine collagen and continued improvement over time as the polymethylmethacrylate stimulates collagen.  The injection can also stimulate collagen if the injector can break up the scar with needle movement under the surface of the skin, called subcision.

Acne scars and texture issues are also greatly improved with microneedling.  The Eclipse® Micropen provides a safe and effective treatment that is well-tolerated with very little downtime.  During treatment, tiny needles are rolled over the skin, and each little area of injury stimulates new collagen formation as it heals to gradually improve the scar appearance.  Multiple treatments may be needed.

The Sciton® HALO laser is an additional, very effective option for improving skin texture, including light acne scars.  The two-wavelength, fractionated treatment works both on the surface and in the deeper skin to cause tiny areas of injury that heal with a remodeling of the skin and improvement in skin texture and pore size.  More than one treatment may be necessary. Chemical peels of varying strength are also available at Trinity Vista Dermatology.  If the patient still has inflammatory acne lesions in addition to scarring, a peel is great for improving control of the acne and addressing minor texture issues at the same time.


Bellafill® Acne Scarring Before

Acne Scarring Before

Bellafill® Acne Scarring After

Acne Scarring After
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