Trinity Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth, Texas, is pleased to offer a variety of skin care treatment to keep your skin glowing.

Our two estheticians are trained to give expert advice on professional grade skin care products from the following lines and help you develop a good regimen:

ZO Medical and Skin Health®
Elta MD®

We also offer a clinical facial that is a spa-type treatment with steaming and cleansing combined with an emphasis on extractions to keep your pores looking clear between treatments.  The clinical facial also stimulates circulation and prepares the skin for any topical treatments that are applied afterward.  It is an excellent time to discuss your daily skincare regimen, have our team of professionals customize a treatment plan just for you, and discuss any issues you might have.

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that works by turning over the skin with gentle mechanical application of crystals. The treatment improves blackheads and leaves your skin with a polished, healthy glow.

Dermal planing is a technique of mild exfoliation and hair removal using gentle scraping with a metal blade.  This technique is great for skin turnover to leave a refreshed appearance and helps particularly with “peach fuzz” type of hair on the face.

Waxing, both facial and non-facial, is offered in addition to laser hair removal.  For brows, we offer waxing and shaping as well as brow tinting and microblading.

Zo Skin Health
Alastin Skincare
Baby Foot
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